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In EU Member States’ legal orders there has been a judicialization of relevant areas of social and economical life promoted by EU law – such as environment, personal data, and consumer protection, etc. Even in legal fields traditionally associated with a research on national regulation – such as private liability – we now face new horizons opening through the impetus of EU law. Under the dominant influence of EU law in domestic legal orders, we must deal with the growing direct and decentralized application of EU law and the increasing overlap of EU law and national law.  

In this context, it is important to improve the knowledge, interpretation and application of EU law and to establish collaborative frameworks, providing the necessary tools for legal practitioners to stay connected to the growing presence of EU law and understand the scope of its application. It is critical to overcome the lack of knowledge among legal practitioners and ordinary citizens of the rights and duties that arise from the EU legal order – and, in the same way, contribute to develop a EU citizenship as the fundamental status of nationals of the Member States.

The financial/economic/social crisis imposes challenges to the process of EU integration, a process whose legitimacy has been questioned, particularly by citizens of Member States undergoing financial interventions. These citizens live under harsh austerity measures and little hope for improvement. Because EU citizens have never before been so attentive to the developments of EU integration it is important to provide them with the tools to properly understand what is at stake in this relevant historical moment. This site will enhance their ability to reflect on the integration process and to address the risk of the crisis weakening the integrative effect of EU law.



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