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We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of UNIO – EU Law Journal which we invite you to access in the new platform powered by UMinho Press (here). This is a new project at the University of Minho to which UNIO - EU Law Journal is a partner since the very beginning. UNIO - EU Law Journal was chosen to lead this pilot project and proudly accepted to take part in it. UMinho Press aims to publish books and journals of high scientific and educational quality and works of scientific, artistic and cultural dissemination, contributing to promote the development of Portuguese teaching and research activities at national and international level.

UNIO – EU Law Journal is an open access online peer-reviewed journal with a blind review system. It falls within the scope of the Jean Monnet Chair entitled “Citizenship of rights: European citizenship as the fundamental status of nationals of the Member States” and it is scientifically supported by the Centre of Studies in European Union Law - CEDU (www.cedu.direito.uminho.pt), University of Minho, Portugal.

UNIO aims to publish texts which have a significantly advanced understanding of European Union law and enhance the production of knowledge in this area. UNIO accepts original articles written in English and which are not under consideration elsewhere at the time of submission. As an online bilingual review (English/Portuguese), the author may choose to publish the selected text in both languages as long as the author provides the translation into Portuguese or undertakes its costs.

Because of language barriers, Portuguese research in European Union law is usually unknown outside the country. Most Portuguese authors publish few works in English and find it difficult to enter primary European academic circuits. However, there are many high-quality Portuguese works on EU law. As a bilingual review, UNIO aims to promote and disseminate the work of Portuguese researchers abroad, as well as to publish the works of researchers from different parts of the world, especially from Lusophone countries. Thus we are contributing to the network of academics who study EU law.

This journal is, to our best knowledge, the first bilingual (English/Portuguese) journal of EU law, and one of the first Portuguese law journals governed by international standards of academic credibility, such as a peer-review system. It will therefore contribute to enhancing the quality of Portuguese academic research in EU law and to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge among researchers of different nationalities. As an open access on-line journal, it will have a great impact and will serve as a useful tool to academics, students and other professions in the legal field.

UNIO’s calls for papers are published on this website.

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UNIO - EU Law Journal

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