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July 2015

(number 1, peer reviewed)

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PDF (1 to 2)

United Europe and Euclidean Pluralism - On the Anthropological Paradox of Contemporary EU Legal Experience
Mario Ricca 
PDF (3 to 26)

The Fuzzy Set Method in the Studies on the Multilevel Political System of the European Union
Janusz Ruszkowski 
PDF (27 to 39)

Contributions from Neuroscience and Biology to the Philosophy of Law
Hugo de Brito Machado Segundo 
PDF (40 to 54)

The Theories of Interconstitutionality and Transconstitutionalism. Preliminary Insights from a Jus-cultural Perspective (With a view to Transnational Social Justice)
Luís A. Malheiro Meneses do Vale 
PDF (55 to 76)

The Right to Data Protection and the Commission's Adequacy Decision
Alexandra Maria Rodrigues Araújo 
PDF (77 to 93)

The Early Days of the Euro Debt Crisis Revisited: Historical, Legal and Institutional Overview of the Role of the ECB in the Context of an Economic and Monetary Union in Mutation
Rui do Carmo 
PDF (94 to 109)

The Right of Free Movement and the Access to Social Protection in the EU: the Economical Dimension. Notes on the Case Elisabeta Dano v Jobcenter Leipzig, C-333/13
Daniela Guimarães 
PDF (110 to 120)

The Bank Account Preservation Procedure in the European Union Regulation (EU) No 655/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council 15 of May 2014
Leonor Valente Monteiro 
PDF (121 to 130)

The Statute of Refugees: Is it Applicable to Environmentally Displaced Persons?
Maria Cláudia da Silva Antunes de Souza e Lucas de Melo Prado 
PDF (131 to 144)

Non peer-reviewed section:

The Critical-Systemic Approach to Law in a World Society
Willis Santiago Guerra Filho 
PDF (145 to 151)

«Geschichtsmude» - Portugal and the Tiredness of History - How Can Europe Revive its Own Significance?
Daniela Cardoso
PDF (152 to 160)
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