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UNIO - Vol. 3, No. 1
January 2017

UNIO - Vol. 3, No. 1
January - 2017

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European Parliament Information Office in Portugal 

Dislocations on understanding the rule of law 
J. J. Gomes Canotilho

The dialectic relation between the national and the European constitutional identity in the framework of European Constitutional Law  
Francisco Balaguer Callejón

40/30 (years) of Constitution and Integration: The national and European representation crisis
Wladimir Brito  

Forty years of Constitution, Thirty years of integration
Maria Lúcia Amaral
40/30 - 40 years of Constitution, 30 years of European integration: between past and present, openness and belonging 
Mariana Canotilho

On the CJEU's post-Brexit case-law on European citizenship. 
The recovery of the identity Ariadne's thread? 
Alessandra Silveira

Dano and Alimanovic: the recent evolution of CJEU case-law on EU citizenship and cross-border access to social benefits 
Rui Lanceiro
PDF (63 to 77)

Where is the EU (going): three perspectives and three integration issues 
Maria José Rangel de Mesquita

Good administration "around the track" of the Portuguese and the EU constitutional discourses - "Winds, to entertain our minds"...?
Sophie Perez Fernandes

Economic Constitution of the European Union, before and after Lisbon (between the principle of Competition and the "Social Market Economy")  
Pedro Madeira Froufe
PDF (109  to 122)

Digital Single Market under EU political and constitutional calling: European electronic agenda's impact on interoperability solutions 
Joana Covelo de Abreu

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