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Guidelines for style and references

  • As far as formatting the article, please be aware of the following: uniform font size throughout the article; do not indent paragraphs; separate paragraphs by two hard returns; do not use periods in abbreviations consisting of capital letters or for acronyms (e.g. EU, CJEU, TEU, TFEU); spell out numbers one to nine; use figures for numerals 10 and over; format dates as follows: 15 June 1975; quoted material should be in double quotes, whether in text or notes; single quotes should be used for a quote within a quote; judgement quotations should be as follows: Judgement Pringle, 27 November 2012, Case C-370/12, recital 58.  
  • Headings and subheadings, should be aligned at the left margin, using the following hierarchy:  First-level headings in bold, with an initial capital letter for proper nouns; Second-level headings in bold italics, with an initial capital letter for proper nouns; Third-level (and subsequent if necessary) in italics, with an initial capital letter for proper nouns.
  • Notes should be marked clearly in the text at the point of punctuation by superior numbers, and listed consecutively at the bottom of each page. Notes are single-spaced, and a blank line between notes should be inserted.

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